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Trade union seminar: water and mining, at the center of social-environmental conflicts in Peru

Where: Arequipa, Peru

When: 17 and 18 July 2014

From 17 to 18 July, in Arequipa, men and women workers from CATP, CUT Perú y CGTP gather in a training seminar "“The transition towards social and environmentally sustainable economies". This time, the seminar focused on mining and water, two key issues which are at the center of social conflicts in the country.

Trade union seminar: the Transition towards sustainability

Where: Huancayo, Peru

When: 11 and 12 July 2014

As it’s the case with the rest of Peru, the central area of the country has great heterogeneity between regions, among them some of the poorest: Huancavelica and Pasco, with a poverty index surpassing 45% in 2013. It is also a region with serious environmental impacts as a result of the different industrial and extractive activities that have taken place in the las century.

Seminar: challenges and proposals for sustainable fisheries and agroindustry in Peru

Where: Trujillo, Peru

When: 3 to 5 July 2014

Last days we have been working jointly with CATP, CGTP and CUT Peru in the northern region of the country on how to combine the need of reducing the environmental impacts of these sectors which are key for the regional economy, with decent job generation.

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August 25, 2014

A world without fatal work accidents is possible

A world without fatal or serious occupational accidents is possible, the organizers of the XX World Congress on Safety and Health at Work 2014 have appealed, as the largest global occupational safety event opened in Frankfurt, Germany today.l

ILO Press Release

August 18, 2014

Green Economy provides jobs and strengthen ecosystems in Africa

Investment in climate change adaptation can help ensure that the impacts of climate do not reverse decades of development progress in Africa.

August 8, 2014

A recent report highlights climate change implications for transport

A summary report clarifies the implications of climate change for the transportation sector derived from the last IPCC’s report.

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By Frances O’Grady, TUC General Secretary

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UNISON┬┤s commitment to climate action is reflected in its support to the campaign Push for European climate action

The British trade union UNISON, as part of the group The Climate Coalition, is actively engaged in climate action and supports the campaign Push for European climate action that calls on the UK Government for ambitious action on climate change at the European level.

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