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The transition towards sustainable economies. Trade union training in Peru

When: 9-10 April 2014

Where: Hotel San Blas, Av. Arequipa 3940, Miraflores, Lima - Peru

With a growing economy, based principally on the extraction sector, Peru is the scene of serious social and environmental conflicts, high levels of job insecurity and labour informality.

Preparing the United Nations Environment Assembly

When: 24-28 March 2014

Where: Nairobi, Kenya

Preparatory meeting for UNEA which will replace the UNEP governing council after the decisions by governments in Rio+20 to enhance and strengthen the global environmental regulation b ensuring universal membership to UNEP.

Working for a just transition towards sustainability in Peru

March 2014

This will be a busy year for Sustainlabour in Peru. In the coming months, we will work on union training with the Peruvian unions CATP, CGTP and CUT Peru. Also, we will carry out a study on the main environmental challenges and alternatives towards sustainability in Peru, as always putting special focus on social and labour issues.

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April 21, 2014

Sherpa Dorje Khatri Reported Killed in Everest Avalanche

ITUC online

Nepalese Sherpa Dorje Khatri, leader of Nepal’s trade union of Sherpas and a committed defender of the environment, was reportedly amongst 12 people killed in one of the worst disasters on Mount Everest ever recorded.  In 2011 Khatri planted the ITUC flag atop the peak of Everest as part of global mobilisation by unions pushing for action on climate change leading up to the Durban Climate Summit, which he attended.

April 9, 2014

What happened to Green Jobs in Spain?

In Spain, the transformation of the production system towards a green economy has entailed an important source of jobs during the last years. However, as Carlos Martínez Camarero points out in a recent article in the journal Ecologista, the potential for green job creation has been hindered by different political decisions.

April 1, 2014

"The era of climate responsibility"

The new IPCC report released this Monday confirms that Climate Change is a reality today, a serious global threat that requires urgent and stronger action if it is to be tackled. This report, from the IPCC Working Group II, assesses the climate changes impacts to date, the future risks and the ways to reduce these risks through adaptation.

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Dave Foster calls to Repare America

The Executive Director of the Blue Green Alliance opens the 2014 Green Jobs, Good Jobs Conference. These gatherings have told the story of US recent politics—from the economic disaster of 2008-2009 to the bitter disputes over the role of government in charting economic recovery to the long, painful slog of the last few years attempting to solve chronic unemployment problems and the growing crisis of global warming.

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Belgian Climate Coalition launched a campaign for climate jobs

The Belgian platform Climate Coalition, a network of about 70 trade unions, environmental organization, North-South movements and youth movements, launched last March 27 a media campaign entitled “Jobs4Climate”.

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