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New Publication. Unions4Climate. Reducing emissions from the workplace and creating jobs. 4 European Case Studies.

Authors: Laura Martín, Julio Rivera

Published: January 2015

The four case studies presented here, which cover commitments from British, Spanish, Belgian and German trade unions, detail union proposals on emission reductions and other climate-related policies and their impact on national contexts, economic perspectives and job creation.               

The Transition towards Sustainability in Peru: trade unions proposals

Authors: Laura Maffei, Laura Martin and Julio Rivera

Published: September 2014 (DRAFT)

The Study “Towards a greener and fair economy in Peru: trade unions´ proposals” provides an in-depth description of Peruvian trade unions proposals on the transiton towards a sustainable economy for three key sectors: mining, water management and fisheries. It contains a background section identifying a summary description of main social and environmental challenges faced by Peru.

Waste management transitions: environmental aims and labour outputs

Authors: Laura Martín

Published: September 2014 (DRAFT)

The Waste management transitions in 4 cities: environmental aims and labour outputs” report analyses environmental and socio-labour outputs of current waste management initiatives in 4 cities: Montevideo (Uruguay), Ahmedabad and Pune (India), and San Francisco (USA). The study focuses on recycling policies and on how formal and informal workers associations assess and get involved with these processes.

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March 23, 2015

Three quarters of world’s people want governments to act on climate change

New ITUC Climate Justice Frontline’s briefing sets out union plans for a climate deal in 2015

March 16, 2015

Growing evidence of illnesses and cancer among electronics workers

Global advocates challenge electronics industry to prevent harm from toxic chemicals

March 6, 2015

8 March International Women´s Day

Count Us In! It’s time to Count Us In! Count Us In to the economy! Count Us In to the labour force! Count Us In to decision-making! Count Us In to leadership!

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Valerie Denney. IPEN


Global Lead Paint Elimination Picks Up Steam

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