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The Transition towards Sustainability in Peru: trade unions proposals

Authors: Laura Maffei, Laura Martin and Julio Rivera

Published: September 2014 (DRAFT)

The Study “Towards a greener and fair economy in Peru: trade unions´ proposals” provides an in-depth description of Peruvian trade unions proposals on the transiton towards a sustainable economy for three key sectors: mining, water management and fisheries. It contains a background section identifying a summary description of main social and environmental challenges faced by Peru.

Reducing emissions from the workplace

Authors: Laura Martín, Julio Rivera

Published: September 2014 (DRAFT)

The report “Reducing emissions from the workplace” provides an in-depth description of a selection of trade union initiatives to reduce GHG emissions at national, sectoral, and workplace level from Belgium, Germany, Spain and the United Kingdom. It contains as well, a general compilation of different initiatives undertaken by different trade unions around the developed and developing world.

Waste management transitions: environmental aims and labour outputs

Authors: Laura Martín

Published: September 2014 (DRAFT)

The Waste management transitions in 4 cities: environmental aims and labour outputs” report analyses environmental and socio-labour outputs of current waste management initiatives in 4 cities: Montevideo (Uruguay), Ahmedabad and Pune (India), and San Francisco (USA). The study focuses on recycling policies and on how formal and informal workers associations assess and get involved with these processes.

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November 20, 2014

UNEP´s Emissions Gap Report says Global Carbon Neutrality should be reached by second half of century; demonstrates pathways to stay under 2°C limit

In order to limit global temperature rise to 2°C and head off the worst impacts of climate change, global carbon neutrality should be attained by mid-to-late century. This would also keep in check the maximum amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) that can be emitted into the atmosphere while staying within safe temperature limits beyond 2020, says a new report by the UN Environment Programme (UNEP).

November 10, 2014

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ITUC Africa Solidarity Appeal for Ebola Affected Communities in West Africa

November 4, 2014

IPCC: world needs to achieve zero emissions by 2100, but is achievable and affordable

To stay below 2 degrees, GHG emissions have to be practically zero in 2100, the IPCC has said this week. To achieve this objective, we need to act quickly to invest in clean energy and create jobs. If we want a just transition, action to reduce emissions has to be increased now

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Valerie Denney. IPEN


Global Lead Paint Elimination Picks Up Steam

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